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Every woman has a special relationship with her hair and on average will have more than 30 styles in her lifetime and over 400 cuts. The partnership between a woman and her hairdresser is unique. There aren't many people a woman visits regularly, confides in and trusts enough to change her physical appearance, sometimes radically.


all_about_hair_36.gif- Top 10 Values

  • We don't oversell haircare products

  • We're attentive to our clients

  • We don't keep you waiting

  • We have a range of stylists and prices to suit your budget

  • We keep up with the cut/colour trends and techniques because we care about your hair

  • We won't hold it against you if you want to cut loose, but we'll be sad to see you go and happy to welcome you back!

  • We don't make holiday small talk, we get to know our clients

  • We offer a relaxed, personable and friendly salon where the focus is on you

  • We listen to you and offer the best individual advice

  • We're passionate about the finished look


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